Reiki Shares and Events 

Reiki Shares in 2023 and 2024

Reiki Shares are an informal way to exchange Reiki in a welcoming community setting.  Shares are offered throughout the year, generally at Melanie's home in Clapham South.   Please RSVP to Melanie if you would like to come along:

  • Saturday, 3rd February at 17:00 (arrivals from 16:45)
  • Sunday, 3rd March at 10:30am (arrivals from 10:15) 
  • Tuesday, 2nd April at 18:30 (arrivals from 18:15) 

Reiki 2 Circles in 2024

Melanie hosts opportunities for USR Level 2 students and Reiki masters to gather as a community to send distant Reiki to support situations, ranging from the personal to the global:  

  • Wednesday, 3rd January at 17:00 (arrivals from 16:45)
  • Saturday, 23rd March at 15:30 (arrivals from 15:15)
Email if you would like to come along to any of these Reiki Shares or Circles.  Donations are appreciated for attending. 

Reiki Share tables in a hot spring Onsen in Kurama, Japan in 2015

Image taken by Melanie at a Reiki Share while staying at a hot spring Onsen in Kurama, Japan in 2015.