Client comments

"After coming out of a very damaging relationship, my friend recommended I visit Melanie for a Reiki treatment.  I didn't know what Reiki was and I certainly didn't believe in any of these types of therapies - I was extremely sceptical! Melanie helped so much before the treatment, being a fantastic listener, having a calming effect and providing some much needed clarity on what I'd been through.  I never expected the treatment to work.  However, I felt so much better after the session, it restored a sense of calm and it enabled me to get on with life immediately.  I couldn't believe how well Reiki worked. I thought the effects would wear off, but after one more session a few days later it feels like these problems were months, rather than days ago. I can't recommend Melanie's treatment enough.  Thank you so much, I definitely wouldn't be doing this well otherwise"  

- Laura, Battersea  

“I just wanted to say a really big thank you. This week I've felt the most grounded and happy that I've felt in a long time. Can only put it down to Monday [Reiki treatment] so just wanted to say a really big thank you.  I will be in touch again soon”

- Niamh K, Surbiton

"Mel is a wonderful practitioner, someone who truly sets you at ease, and both comforts and supports you through your healing. She has a calming energy coupled with a well intentioned touch, and is empathic to your healing needs. I always feel like my cares have been left behind me after a treatment." 
- Sam Hyder, London

"I felt so much more relaxed yesterday. I actually woke up feeling like I'd done a good yoga class the day before, like my body had had a good old stretch! My neck and shoulders definitely felt lighter and my chest felt more open and easier to breathe. And of course my headache was gone by the time I woke up. I don't think I've ever had such an obvious physical reaction to a Reiki session before."
- Emma Carey, London

Japanese statue
"Mel's incredible sense of meticulous hospitality and attention to detail brings a quality of deep reassurance to every therapeutic session I have ever had from her.  I have been coming to Mel for Reiki since 2009 and I find myself happily returning again and again. Reiki energy is always a wonderful joy to spend time in, and in Mel's expert hands I find a loving and peaceful calmness that soothes and allows for my expansion in the most gentle of ways. Just wonderful in every way."
- Clare Roberts, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner, London

"I have been visiting Mel for regular Reiki treatments for the past 18 months. My job is very stressful but Mel puts me at ease and is incredibly warm, welcoming and has a lovely calming presence. I always leave feeling deeply relaxed and fully restored." 

- Louise Burcher, Hove 

"I have spent the last few years building up my support systems and Melanie is an integral part of that system.  She works with true sensitivity, generosity and integrity." 
- K. Milligan, London
“I’ve received and given Reiki for over 10 years and am amazed each time at the powerful shifts that occur. Sometimes this can be a subtle release, both physically and psychologically, and sometimes an instant ‘ah ha!’ of ‘knowing’.  Melanie Glanville is an outstanding practitioner of Reiki, and her ability to enable this change and allow release is central to her work. I am delighted to endorse her work and recommend her to you. “

Sally Roberts, owner of Recentre Health

"Every time I am greeted by Melanie, I believe more and more in the power of Reiki - her smile and warmth speak to the healing qualities of Reiki. I have been a client of Melanie's through some difficult periods; she worked intensively with me this summer during a miscarriage, easing the physical and emotional discomfort of this difficult time with deep empathy and a level of professionalism that makes you feel you are in very good hands. I saw her most recently to help with pregnancy sickness and I was so happy to have some reprieve after my powerful session with her. I look forward to being in her care throughout my pregnancy, for both myself and the baby. I am so grateful to have found Melanie and I would highly recommend her during times of struggle or for the general maintenance of your well-being."

- Alex MacEachern, London

"I have been fortunate to have received four consecutive Reiki treatments with Mel to help me settle into life after a relocation change. She put me at ease straight away with her light touch and calm and empathic nature. After each treatment I was left feeling relaxed and revived - and ready for anything that came my way! Mel always works sensitively, taking the time to ask questions to understand my needs, and evokes a true sense of integrity which really comes across when she is giving treatments."  
- Leila Lahfa, London